Track as often or as little as you'd like
See how your moods change over time
Discover mood patterns and triggers
Support and get feedback from others
Track and graph your moods, anytime, anywhere.
Connect with others.
Moodtrack Diary
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Just what you need to keep on top of your moods when you feel up to it. In one word; brilliant.
I love this app. It's great. I can now communicate with people who feel like me and who can understand me. Awesome.
I love that I can enter freely what I'm thinking/feeling, and then take a look at how others are doing.
Love it! Awesome app! Its nice to meet other people who are going through the same thing you are.
After falling into a deep depression, my Doctor wanted my to keep track of my moods and mood changes. I found this app and my doctor liked it so much, she is now suggesting this app to other patients.